Writing for Children

I led a very active previous life in the Philippines as a writer and editor of stories for children. I even edited an awesome, award-winning children’s magazine. But mostly, I wrote stories. Some of them became picture books. Some got together with other stories to form anthologies. Others appeared in magazines. And a few led short lives as story books published by nonprofit organizations. Meet some of the gang here.


Ang-Itim-na-KutingAng Itim na Kuting

My lifetime membership in the crazy cat lady club bore early fruit. In 1992, I wrote a story about a black kitten’s search for a home, the odd and not-so-nice people it meets, and a little girl who just wants a friend. My story won the Alfredo Navarro Salanga Writers’ Prize that year. The paper-cut illustrations by Ferdinand Guevarra won the Alcala Illustrators’ Prize the following year. Ang Itim ng Kuting is published by Adarna Books.

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GINTONG-HABIHAN_0.preview-263x350Ang Gintong Habihan

I am proud that my story “Ang Pintor ni Garu” (“Garu’s Painter”) is featured in Ang Gintong Habihan (The Golden Loom). The collection represents some of the best and most loved contemporary children’s stories in Filipino. The illustrations are beautiful and the collection captures Filipino humor, gumption, and whimsy. Ang Gintong Habihan is published by Tahanan Books.

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Night-Monkeys-coverThe Night Monkeys

My story “How My Sister Turned Me Into a Worm” made it into The Night Monkeys, another Tahanan Books anthology of award-winning stories for children. Splendidly illustrated by some of the finest artists in the the field of Philippine children’s literature, the stories in this collection mix equal parts heart, adventure, and magic.

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